Monday, 22 August 2016

Exercise With Confidence During Pregnancy

Exercise during pregnancy Wolverhampton

I don’t have children, but one day I certainly hope to. When that day comes I want to be confident that myself and my partner have done absolutely everything we reasonably can to ensure that we’re bringing a healthy baby into the world, whilst not compromising the health of Mom.

Now, this is a very tall order as we need to consider that every action we take, even pre-conception, can have an effect on the future health of our children. It’s not just a matter of not gorging ourselves on chocolate and cutting back on alcohol as perhaps it was once thought. And the whole, ‘I smoked all the way through my 3 pregnancies and my kids are just fine’ won’t wash anymore.


Friday, 12 August 2016

Oil Pulling for Dummies

Oil pulling for dummies fitness post

I don’t even like the taste of coconut but I pretty much use this versatile fruit every day. More specifically, I use coconut oil and the more I research around the subject, the more I find myself wanting to incorporate it into my life.

My latest experiment doesn’t involve eating the oil, nor does it require me to rub it into my skin or hair. What I’ve actually been toying with is a long established oral hygiene technique called oil pulling.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Swollen Thighs and Shakey Arms

swollen thighs and shakey arms fitness post

Until recently, I'd never really taken much notice of the countless exercise challenges that fill my social media news feeds and email newsletters. But, roughly 30 days ago, I stumbled across a squat and push up challenge on Pinterest that caught my attention.
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