Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Climb your Mountain

Pete Yardley climbing Snowdon Mountain in Wales

Last weekend I did something that’s been on my Bucket List for a while, and now I can finally cross it off. I climbed a mountain!

Now don’t be too impressed, as it was only Snowdon. But I’ve been meaning to get round to doing this for some time as I’d been told by friends and family how much fun it was and how spectacular the views are. I thought I’d my day with you in this post.

Me and my fiancée, Nita, along with two willing and enthusiastic side-kicks, Denise and Claudia, set off from home early on Saturday. The drive from Wolverhampton took roughly 3.5 hours and we parked up at the foot of the mountain before jumping on a shuttle bus which took us to our start point.

As anyone who’s made this ascent before knows, Snowdon has several routes to the top. Depending on the views you want to see, the terrain you want to encounter and the difficulty you want to endure, it’s important to make the right choice for you and your group regarding which track to take. The Official Snowdonia Website has all of the information you’ll need along with useful links. We decided to take the Pyg Track on the way up and the Miners Path on the way down. These two routes merge close to the top of the mountain.

Check out these pics to get a feel for just how beautiful the UK can really be.

Even before we got started the views were enough to make us want to stop the car and soak it in.

This was taken about 20 minutes into our ascent of the Pyg Track

The terrain varies throughout so if you decide to climb Snowdon be sure to think about wearing appropriate footwear. Here's Claudia making light work of the Pyg Track even without walking boots. 

One of many lake shots I just couldn't resist.

There's always one who can't keep their eyes open!

We encountered a lot of water running down the mountain. Keeping an eye open for slippery rocks is a must.

This is the point where we first realised exactly what we were aiming for. Literally in the clouds!

A bit of scrambling

One of a handful of water and food stops on the way to the summit.

I was quite surprised at just how many people were on the mountain. It's obviously a very popular day out.

We made it!

A Chinese dragon also made the trip.

If you're really struggling there is an option of taking a train but I hear that the seats get booked up very quickly in advance.

This was our view as we began our descent.

That's a nice boulder!

We even found time for a bit of stone skimming :)

We were thankful of the path beginning to level out as we got close to the bottom.

Not only did I have a great workout from the 6.5 hour round walk but all in all a thoroughly lovely day with fantastic people.

Next up - Ben Nevis!


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