Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Climb your Mountain

Pete Yardley climbing Snowdon Mountain in Wales

Last weekend I did something that’s been on my Bucket List for a while, and now I can finally cross it off. I climbed a mountain!

Now don’t be too impressed, as it was only Snowdon. But I’ve been meaning to get round to doing this for some time as I’d been told by friends and family how much fun it was and how spectacular the views are. I thought I’d my day with you in this post.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

How clean is your drinking water?

How clean is your drinking water

In a recent email I sent out to newsletter subscribers (subscribe to my newletter here) I mentioned my interest in optimisation of drinking water. Water is one of the few things that we, as humans, require daily in order to maintain a good level of health. It therefore makes sense to ensure that the water that we’re drinking every single day is as good as it can be.
I’m a sucker for a home-based experiment so, a few days ago, I set about testing the water that I’m drinking to see how pure it really is.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Taking it Outdoors

pete yardley personal fitness trainer wolverhampton

I’ve recently started running an outdoor boot camp session each week with a mixed ability group. Our first few sessions have been a huge success with good attendance and amazing feedback. On the whole, the weather has been on our side and the guys and girls who’ve come along have thrown themselves into everything I’ve asked of them.
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