Friday, 13 May 2016


Eat That Frog

Yes, when I first came across those 3 words together in one sentence I was also intrigued. Well, now I have your attention I’ll explain myself...
What I’m NOT about to do in this post is preach about the nutritional benefits –of which I’m sure there are many- of consuming frogs. Eat That Frog is actually the title of a book that I read last summer. Again, not a French cookbook, but in fact a really interesting non-fiction piece on the subject of productivity.

Eat That Frog is written by personal development and sales guru, Brian Tracy. From what I understand, Tracy consults with companies and individuals to help them realise their goals by looking at areas such as self-esteem, creativity, productivity and strategy.
The gist of this thought-provoking read is what I’d like to focus in on today.
We all have that list of jobs that we have to do for the day either floating around in our heads or written somewhere for us to tick off. I personally use an app on my iPad for lists and notes called Evernote, which I find really useful. I quite like making lists because of the satisfaction of being able to tick something off and feel good about completion of a task. I guess I’m just high-fiving myself but it works for me. But the point is that there are things on my ‘to do’ list that never get done. These invariably fall into one of the following categories:
  • It’s boring
  • It don’t matter that much
  • Completion of the task is daunting as it involves hard work
What Brian Tracy talks about in this book is essentially prioritisation of your work and the elimination of procrastination. He uses the analogy of eating a frog to get his point across:
‘If the first thing you do each morning when you wake up is to eat a live frog, nothing worse can happen for the rest of the day.’
This short video outlines the premise nicely.
Last year, shortly after reading this book, I decided that I’d go for a month where I’d complete 200 push-ups every single day and commit to eating 7 different portions of fruit or vegetables each day. This was just a little challenge for myself that I did with my partner, Nita. The fruit and veg was cool but after a few days the idea of fitting in 200 push-ups around work, socialising and my regular training wasn’t as easy as I’d expected. It soon became a task on my ever growing list of tasks that I was beginning to put off until the evening. I can tell you now that realising that you still have 120 push-ups to do at 11:30pm at night completely sucks!
So I decided to employ the Eat That Frog principle and get started early doors. Very quickly I found that by banging out a big portion of my push-ups first thing after rolling out of bed really helped to set me up well for the day. I felt energised and motivated to be productive.
My advice to everyone is to IDENTIFY YOUR FROG AND EAT IT EVERY DAY.





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