Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Lifestyle: Top 10 People To Follow On Social Media

Top 10 People To Follow On Social Media

If you’re interested in learning more about health and fitness you’ll more often than not look to the internet to provide the information you’re after. However, we’ve all read articles online that say one thing and then five minutes later found another that says the total opposite. Figuring out who to trust and what information is relevant to you is not always easy. Today I’d like to share with you a few of the resources I use. More specifically, the people who I feel are particularly good at presenting information, whether it be focussing mainly on training, food, supplements or lifestyle hacks. These people may not tell you that something is gospel truth, but will give insightful thoughts behind their reasoning and use science and the latest research to back up arguments.

1. Ben Greenfield

I heard of Ben Greenfield a couple of years ago when I stumbled across his podcast on Apple iTunes. I guess his was one of the first fitness podcasts that I started listening to and, to be honest, I haven’t stopped following his work since. Ben’s an accomplished triathlete but also incredibly knowledgeable on all things health and fitness. I listen to the Ben Greenfield Fitness podcast almost every day on my frequent drives to and from the gym and find his Q&A shows really insightful.


Tuesday, 8 March 2016

The Lazy Fitness Professional

The lazy fitness professional

The fitness industry is changing rapidly. If you’re reading this blog post then I’m going to assume that you’re the type of person who has a keen interest in your health; the type of person who goes out of your way to learn new ways to maximise your fitness and become the healthiest version of yourself.

With all of the enthusiasm in the world you trawl through articles online, debate with friends at dinner parties and read every relevant link on social media, but the goal posts keep moving. You’re told that fat is now good for you, that you need to walk a specific number of steps per day and exercise within a heart rate range of 5 beats per minute before chugging down a high protein shake to feed your tired and depleted muscles. Everything that you learn contradicts itself yet makes perfect sense all at once.

And the same problems face health professionals.
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