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Fitness: A Great Day Out At Rough Runner

Rough Runner blog post

In September 2015 myself, my partner Nita and school friend Alex signed up to a 10km obstacle race called Rough Runner, held at Clapham Common, London. We had a great day, climbing up and over obstacles, hanging upside down and inevitably ending up falling into cold water. From a fitness perspective, events such as Rough Runner serve as a brilliant opportunity for friends to come together and exercise.

What’s awesome is that you can complete these events at whatever pace you like, making the day either super competitive or just a bit of fun. This one wasn’t particularly demanding for us because we’re all in good fitness and weren’t there to break our necks in order to get round the course in world record time. The obstacles were also beginner friendly so even those who don’t dedicate hours and hours a week to physical training could get round without too much difficulty.

Pete Yardley Health Fitness Rough Runner

Our photographer for the day was Carolin who runs a fashion blog. Carolin captured our day beautifully in the following photographs:

Rough Runner London obstacle course
Rough Runner Obstacle Run September 2015
Pete Yardley at the Rough Runner Run London
Rough Runner Team from Wolverhampton
Pete Yardley Fitness Trainer at the Rough Runner event London
Team Spiriit Rough Runner Obstacle Run London
Rough Runner Obstacle Wall
Rough Runner 2015 September London Clapham Common
Pete Yardley taking part at the Rough Runner Event
Rough Runner Final Obstacle

So take a look at the Rough Runner website and find an event close to you. Alternatively, how about some of the other similar events such as Tough Mudder, Tough Guy, Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest or Wolf Run? Get a few friends together and organise an unforgettable day out. You could even raise a few quid for your favourite charity while you’re at it. Forward this post to a friend and get the ball rolling :)

Pete Yardley Medal Rough Runner London

Let me know if you’ve participated in any of the aforementioned events and how you got on. Are there any new ones that I might not be aware of? Let me know in the comments section below.

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